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pL-Voice 9.30

Voice system

System on Module

proLogistik GmbH + Co KG develops hardware and software solutions for warehouse management.

The Application

The phyCORE-OMAP4460 is the CPU core for the pL-Voice 9.30 voice system: a speaker-independent and speech-controlled dialogue system to optimize work processes across a wide spectrum of work flows, including “Pick-by-Voice” warehouse management for control of inbound and outbound goods, inventory control, and quality inspection. Use of a speech-controlled dialogue system is also applicable for industrial applications such as machine control or operation of autonomous vehicles.

The Solution

proLogistik chose the phyCORE-OMAP4460 due to its small form factor, high performance, low energy consumption, and guaranteed long-term availability.  Voice recognition and WiFi are supported by PHYTEC’s SOM and Linux BSP.

Enabling Products and Services from PHYTEC

Hardware: Custom configuration of the phyCORE-OMAP4460 System on Module

Software: Linux Board Support Package


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