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Stromer ST5 e-Bike

850 Watts, 45KM/H e-bike

Founded in 2009, myStromer AG develops and markets innovative, high-performance e-bikes.

The Application

MyStromer AG develops innovative e-bikes characterized by high-performance motors, electronic gears, and maximum connectivity. The Stromer ST5 is the unsurpassed flagship of the Swiss company with maximum power and range, fully integrated design, and exclusive high-end components for the greatest performance and riding dynamics. Users can connect directly on the touchscreen of their Stromer e-bike or wirelessly via Stromer’s smartphone application.



The Solution

For the communication electronics of the e-bikes myStromer relies on the phyCORE-i.MX 6UL System on Module. PHYTEC delivers this SOM in reels for easy pick and place assembly into the e-bike target hardware. Stromer consulted with PHYTEC while incorporating the Linux Board Support Package adaptation.

Featured Product

phyCORE®-i.MX 6UL

36 mm x 36 mm​
USB 2.0​
Cost Saving Direct-Solder Module

Low cost solution for general purpose embedded application.

Featured Design Service

In-house manufacturing

High quality and phenomenal reliability in electronic manufacturing. Customize your SOM or build your carrier board using PHYTEC manufacturing services that have an annual production throughput of nearly one million Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) at our in-house plant and partner facilities.

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When using the Board Support Package for the System on Module that we used, I was impressed how up to date the Linux Mainline Kernel was. Whenever I had technical questions, I received a quick and competent answer from the support team. PHYTEC’s documentation was also very extensive.

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