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phyBOARD®-STM32MP15x Development Kit

Root Part #: KPCM-068

phyCORE-STM32MP15x System on Module reference platform


Product Overview

The kit features the phyCORE-STM32MP15x module, offering secure boot, multiprotocol gigabit industrial communication, a 3D graphic processing unit (Vivante – OpenGL ES 2.0), functional safety features and a Cortex-M4 MCU sub system allowing full reuse of STM32 Cube firmware. The phyCORE-STM32MP15x SOM is ideal for industrial communication systems, factory automation, edge computing, motor control and applications where high reliability is needed.

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SOM Features

STMicro STM32MP157A 650MHz
8 GB eMMC Flash
16 MB SPI NOR Flash
1x Gigabit Ethernet PHY
240-pin (2x connectors) interconnect

Carrier Board Features

1x Micro-SD Card slot
1x USB 2.0 Standard A
1x USB 3.0 Micro-AB connector
Micro USB debug serial interface
1x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
MIPI-DSI Display Interface
10-bit Parallel Camera Interface (phyCAM-P)
TLV320AIC3007 audio codec (Headphone, Stereo Line-In, Class D Diff Out Speaker)
1x RS-232 serial port (2x5 pin header to DB9)
1x RS-232 serial port (2x5 pin header to DB9)
1x CAN port (2x5 pin header to DB9)
2x User Buttons
60-pin general expansion interface
"1x Arduino Uno R3 Connector 1x Raspberry Pi HAT Connector 1x Motor Control Interface"
JTAG Connector (20-pin)
220 mF SuperCap VBAT
12V/2A Barrel Jack Power Input

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