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EBI Star 1000/EBI Drive 50

Driver Assistance Systems based on PHYTEC’s phyCORE-MPC5200B I/O System on Module

System on Module

Bombardier Transportation manufactures locomotives, motor coaches, trams, underground trains, city trains and passenger compartment rail cars.

The Application

The EBI Star 1000 and EBI Drive 50 Driver Assistance System equips train engineers with additional layers of control and data collection, enabling improved logistics for railway systems around the country. The EBI systems determine current position by GPS and connect to a control center via radio connection. They support on-board wayside links via GSM/GSM-R, SMS/GPRS, WLAN, UMTS, and VHF/UHF. Not only do these systems provide enhanced accuracy and continuity of positional information via sensor data from accelerometers, odometers, and radars, they also reduce overhead by monitoring energy consumption of electrical locomotives and diesel engines.

The Solution

The EBI Star 1000 and EBI Drive 50 Driver Assistance System is based on PHYTEC’s phyCORE-MPC5200B I/O System on Module. Integration of PHYTEC’s proven standard SOM into the specifically customized peripheral electronic system enabled Bombardier to cost-effectively comply with all project-specific requirements. An expansion bus equipped the EBI Star 1000 for future functions.

PHYTEC was responsible for the specific development and OEM production of the hardware, as well as the B2B package and project-specific customization of the Linux distribution.


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phyCORE®-MPC5200B I/O

53 mm x 57 mm
Freescale PowerPC MPC5200B
Flexible multi-function external bus
Legacy Product

The phyCORE-MPC5200B, built around Freescale’s PowerPC MPC5200B, was developed as a tiny, subminiature board with universal design to enable insertion in a wide range of embedded applications. We continue to support Legacy Customers using this module through our Product Lifecycle Management program.

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Custom Hardware and Linux Board Support Package (BSP) adaptation

Let PHYTEC help you expedite your product development. We offer schematic capture and layout design services to integrate a PHYTEC SOM into your project.

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