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Complex product development is made easier, faster, and cheaper by deploying PHYTEC solutions through all phases of design.

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PHYTEC’s core products are off-the-shelf System on Modules (SOMs) in support of advanced Arm Cortex devices. PHYTEC SOMs are a rapid, agile and long-term solution that enables product developers to:

Why use a SOM?

Get to market faster. Instead of expending resources to re-invent complex processor circuitry and BSP adaptations, deploy a PHYTEC SOM and focus your engineering efforts on end-application expertise. Work with our experienced technical team as a partner in your development process. 

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Reduce time-to-revenue, development cost, and design risk with our off-the-shelf and readily customizable System on Modules (SOMs), Single Board Computers (SBCs), and development kits.

Design Services

Extend your development team by partnering with PHYTEC. With decades of design and manufacturing experience, leverage our expertise at any point in your project to accelerate time to market.


PHYTEC prides itself on being more than just a hardware provider. We are an extension of your team and invested in helping you not only bring your idea to market but maintain it as well.

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When we started working with PHYTEC to implement Linux-based, form-fit embedded solutions in 2009, we were impressed with PHYTEC’s hardware and software expertise from the very beginning. PHYTEC has become a trusted partner for Belimo and we have since carried out multiple projects together.

PHYTEC handled all developments that we partnered on very professionally. The team is flexible, fast and definitively a phenomenal partner for us. When working with a development partner, we find it important that the developers get along well. Working with PHYTEC has been a positive experience all around.

When using the Board Support Package for the System on Module that we used, I was impressed how up to date the Linux Mainline Kernel was. Whenever I had technical questions, I received a quick and competent answer from the support team. PHYTEC’s documentation was also very extensive.

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