phyBOARD®-AM62Ax Development Kit

Root Part #: KPB-07524-1
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Featuring the phyCORE-AM62x System on Module


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Product Overview

The phyBOARD®-AM62A consists of the phyCORE-AM62A Direct Solder Connect (DSC) SOM soldered to the DH-017 Mapper board and mounted to the phyBOARD-AM62x Carrier Board.  Pin compatibility with the phyCORE-AM62x means the phyCORE-AM62A can be used with the solder-down mapper board to add edge computing and analytics to your application using the same Carrier Board as the phyCORE-AM62x.

The phyCORE-AM62A also features a Deep Learning Accelerator with on chip DSP so you can run the majority of your application using Linux and off load critical components to the specialized low latency best-in-class real-time Cortex-R5 core.

The kit comes equipped with Ethernet, CAN, UART, I2C, SPI, dual display, MIPI CSI, to help you get started developing with a DSC SOM with the ease of a connectorized pinout.




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SOM Features

TI Sitara AM62A
16 GB eMMC
10/100/1000 RGMII Ethernet

Carrier Board Features

1x MMC/SD card slots
2x USB 2.0 Micro-AB connector
1x USB 2.0 Standard A connector
2x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45)
1x CAN pin headers
1x Expansion Interface
1x MIPI CSI-2 camera connector (phyCAM-M)
LVDS Display
5V USB-C Power Input

Hardware Documentation


Hardware Manual

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Component Placement Diagram

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Schematic Symbol and Footprint

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Carrier Board

Component Placement Diagram

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PinMux File

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Mapper Connectors

Carrier Board Connectors

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