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Puget Buoy

Smart Buoy

Time-release buoy system

The Puget Buoy System provides crabbers with an affordable alternative that both reduces whale entanglements and prevents gear loss.

The Application

On the Pacific Coast of North America whales that are critical to preserving ocean biodiversity are entangling with fishing gear and often these entanglements are fatal. Simultaneously, lost gear costs add up, threatening crabbers’ livelihoods and killing thousands of crabs that get trapped in lost gear that falls to the ocean floor. As climate change continues to affect ocean conditions whales will continue to search for food closer and closer to shore. That’s where Puget Buoy comes in. They’ve designed a system that reduces whale entanglements and prevents gear loss. It’s a timed-release crab pot that keeps crabbing lines out of the water, reducing the chances of crabbers losing their gear by 85% and allowing whales to migrate unscathed.

The Solution

Crabbing and fishing is an integral part of our Pacific Northwest community, so this was an issue particularly close to our hearts. After learning about Puget Buoy we knew we wanted to get involved pro-bono to help get this startup off the ground. It seemed very apparent that the best solution for their time-release crab pot was the phyCORE-i.MX 6UL due to its low cost, small form-factor, low power consumption, and rapid development capabilities.We also put our design skills to work by creating a custom carrier board that would fit inside the unique rounded shape of the Puget Buoy. We finished this design within six weeks from schematic to working prototype. Quick-turn projects like this are made possible by leveraging our reference Linux BSP and PHYTEC Design Services.


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phyCORE®-i.MX 6UL

36 mm x 36 mm​
USB 2.0​
Cost Saving Direct-Solder Module

Low cost solution for general purpose embedded application.

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