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System on Modules

PHYTEC SOMs are the solution to your high-quality, high-reliability, and long product life-cycle requirements. Our SOM portfolio offers a diverse mix of performance, cost, and features. Each SOM is tailored to its featured processor. This approach offers unique advantages including comprehensive processor support, scalability, and flexibility. Instead of expending resources to re-invent complex processor circuitry and low level software support, deploy a PHYTEC SOM and focus your engineering efforts on end-application expertise.

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Single Board Computers

PHYTEC SOMs are used in a range of industrial applications with various performance, power, and I/O requirements. We have identified common feature sets and developed a standard group of industrial Carrier Boards to meet recurring use cases.  These Carrier Boards come with our SOMs to form the phyBOARD family of modular SBCs, leveraging our decades of expertise in modular SOM circuitry to provide drop-in CPU logic. phyBOARD SBCs are an insert-ready solution for embedded product development. With expanded I/O, SBCs get you one step closer to complete application hardware.

Development Kits

PHYTEC Development Kits provide a platform for rapid product development. The kits include a SOM plugged into a Carrier Board that provides the I/O connectors and any other interface circuitry not provided on the SOM itself.  Each kit comes with our BSP to provide device driver support for all hardware features. The Carrier Board provides a reference design for quick development of custom target hardware circuitry for our SOMs, and our BSPs can be likewise readily adapted for end use cases. With purchase of a kit, PHYTEC’s expert technical support is available to expedite and simplify design-in of our SOMs.

Embedded Vision

PHYTEC has over two decades of experience in embedded vision and industrial imaging to complement 35 years of expertise in design, manufacture, and support of SOM technology.

Need a customized solution?

From evaluation and development to prototyping, pilot, ramp-up to mass production, and lifecycle sustainability PHYTEC has you covered through all phases of embedded product design.