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IVU Traffic Technologies AG is a German-based company engaged in the development, production and marketing of software for planning, organization, and information processing for public administrations, transport companies, and other public and private sector service providers.

The Application

Integrated into a single package, the IVU.ticket.box is an interactive, on-board computer system for public transportation that prints tickets, scans barcodes, validates e-tickets, and provides a pay terminal to accept various fare payment types. The IVU.ticket.box offers enhanced features such as barcode scanning and smart card reader capabilities.  The device was the recipient of an iF International Forum Design Award in 2010.

The Solution

PHYTEC handled all aspects of product development including project management, software and housing development, and third-party test for conformance to VDV/VÖV and E1-manufacturing standards in Germany. PHYTEC has provided multiple generations of processor-based solutions to IVU that include the phyCORE-PXA270 and migration to various custom configurations of the scalable phyCARD-M1 (i.MX35) and phyCARD-XL3 (i.MX 6). These off-shelf subassemblies serve as the core logic in the IVU.ticket.box, IVU.box.touch, and other IVU end devices


Custom driver development was required to extend the functionality of PHYTEC’s standard Windows Embedded BSP on first generation systems. Enhancements included drivers for an on-board CAN interface, 11 simultaneous active serial interfaces with high data throughput, and specific AC97 audio requirements to divide the stereo channel into two individual audio channels. The current IVU.ticket.box runs a custom version of Linux.



Enabling Products and Services from PHYTEC

Hardware: custom configurations of phyCORE-PXA270, phyCARD-M1 (i.MX35) and phyCARD-XL3 (i.MX 6) System on Modules

Hardware Design: system design of various end devices with HMI display, I/O, housing and multiple PCBA requirements

Software Design: Custom driver development to extend the functionality of PHYTEC standard Windows Embedded and Linux Board Support Packages (BSPs)

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