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Ziehm Imaging

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Mobile X-ray based imaging solution

System on Module

Ziehm Imaging is a specialist in mobile X-ray based imaging for clinical applications such as orthopedics, traumatology, vascular surgery, and valve implantation.

The Application

The Ziehm Solo is a single unit which comprises a compact and versatile C-arm, full-size monitor, and intuitive touchscreen user interface. All functions required for an optimal image acquisition, processing, and archiving are integrated in the C-arm. The Ziehm Solo delivers optimal performance for pain management, orthopedics, and lithotripsy. Versatile viewing options such as the separate Ziehm Viewing Station enable the physician to configure the unit according to the needs of the application, individual requirements, and local conditions.

The Solution

PHYTEC assisted with bringing the Ziehm Solo to market by providing a custom configuration of the phyCORE-MPC555 System on Module. Ziehm needed a module with universal applicability demonstrated by a diverse peripheral set, and this module provided just that. Powered by Motorola’s PowerPC MPC555 microcontroller, this SOM allows Ziehm to provide a mobile x-ray imaging system that supports a wide array of features.

Ziehm also required a SOM partner committed to longevity. The mobile x-ray imaging system is still in use today, and PHYTEC continues to produce the phyCORE-MPC555 and support Ziehm, along with many other Legacy Customers, through our extensive Product Lifecycle Management program.

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72 mm x 57 mm
Innovative Design
High Density Connectors
Product Lifecycle Management

Based on the Motorola PowerPC MPC555 microcontroller, the phyCORE-MPC555 is one of the earliest phyCORE System on Modules produced by PHYTEC. It features an innovative circuit design and increased pin package to reduce up to 70% of common EMI problems, and uses high density Molex pin connectors for easy modularity. An example of one of PHYTEC’s many innovations in the industry, we continue to support MPC555 solutions for our Legacy Customers through our Product Lifecycle Management program.



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