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Infoman Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Fleet and asset management tracker

System on Module

Proveo AG offered airport fleet management services to address real-time requirements for location and tracking of ground vehicles, equipment, and personnel at airport facilities

Proveo was acquired by Zebra Technologies in 2007 and became part of Quantum Aviation Solutions in 2016.

The Application

The Proveo Infoman Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) is deployed in airports around the world and supports operational and strategic decisions by providing real-time GSE status information. The Infoman is installed on a large variety of GSE including GPUs, ACUs, conveyor belts, baggage tractors, pushback tractors, passenger buses, and water trucks. The Infoman allows operators to identify substantial savings opportunities and optimize safety standards.

The Solution

Proveo engaged PHYTEC to provide consulting services at an early project stage in its product development. In addition to deployment of a custom configuration of a standard phyCORE-PXA270 System on Module, PHYTEC:

  • designed a custom Carrier Board and secondary PCBA supporting GPS and GPRS functionalities on a Telit GE863 GSM-GPRS module
  • handled the required Linux driver adaptations
  • designed device housing
  • provided CE and E1 certifications
  • manufactured and provided fulfillment of the complete Proveo end device.

Enabling Products and Services from PHYTEC

Hardware: Custom configuration of the phyCORE-PXA270 System on Module

Hardware Design: Design of two custom Carrier Boards, housing, and provision of CE and E1 certifications

Software Design: Linux driver adaptation for Telit GPS, GPRS and other functionalities


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