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chargeIT Mobility

Base Charging Base

Industry benchmark IT backend.

chargeIT Mobility is a leading intelligent charging solutions provider for EVs, with a large installed base of over 3,000 charging points predominantly across Germany.

The Application

The company’s core product is its industry benchmark IT backend, which serves as a platform for networked e-mobility, complemented by its proprietary control electronics (Charging Controller) and cloud solutions (Charging Management Portal). This portal allows not only load management, but also authentication and billing via SMS, smartphone app, credit card of PayPal and networking with charging station finders, apps, regenerative technologies, smart building and energy management systems, and navigation systems of e-vehicles.

The Solution

The phyCORE-AM335x System on Module is used to power the chargeIT mobility Base Charging Box (Ladebox Basis). This device provides the entry point into chargeIT electromobility and requires neither authentication services nor an IT backend. However, these options are included in the Plug & Play Charging Box (Ladebox) Online upgrade. Up to two electric cars, each with 22 kW, can be charged simultaneously on a single charging box. The online version of the charging box integrates a charging controller and supports intelligent load management and billing according to kWh in real time. Activation is possible via an RFID “charging card.” The diverse peripheral set of the phyCORE-AM335x made it an ideal solution for chargeIT mobility.

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50 mm x 44 mm
USB 2.0​
24bpp TTL

Perfect balance of performance, features, and power for deployment in general purpose embedded applications.

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The CPU solution from PHYTEC is an important part of our charging controller, which is installed in chargeIT mobility intelligent charging boxes. These devices map vehicle, user and IT back-end communication cost-effectively, dynamically adjust the performance and control the exchange of information between several charging points. For this important component we need an experienced and reliable supplier, which we found in PHYTEC. The network of charging stations for electric vehicles is constantly being expanded. Electric mobility is gaining in importance, and with it intelligent charging, which is possible with our charging controller and the integrated processor from PHYTEC.

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