Product & Service Building Blocks to Accelerate All Stages of Product Development

Product development is made easier, faster and cheaper by deploying PHYTEC solutions.  Developers leverage PHYTEC System on Modules (SOMs) and their accompanying Board Support Package (BSP) across all stages of product development. PHYTEC support, design services, manufacturing and supply chain form a robust and agile long-term solution to amplify the value of the SOM.


The production-ready SOM, Carrier Board and BSP are included in PHYTEC Development Kits. These building blocks deliver an immediate platform to begin proof-of-concept, feasibility analysis and new product development.

By designing in a SOM you avoid months of CPU specification, component selection, schematic capture and layout of your own microprocessor circuitry.  Get access to high-speed routing, cutting-edge component miniaturization, the most recent SoC advances, comprehensive circuitry validation and low EMI design on the SOM.  Localize complex design risk on the SOM.

Leverage rigorous design verification of PHYTEC SOMs: simulation; voltage, current, power, timing, signal integrity and EMI measurement; temperature chamber and thermal shock testing; radiated and conducted emission testing; vibration and mechanical stability; and compliance to IPC-610, CE and other industry standards.

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Design .0: Prototyping

Accelerate prototype development by using the SOM and BSP from the evaluation kit platform in initial prototypes.  Focus your in-house engineering efforts on end application expertise and application code; don’t re-invent the CPU circuitry provided by the SOM.

Jump start application development on PHYTEC BSPs for Linux, Android and other operating systems.  Our use of Yocto enables easy build of custom Linux distributions and flexible build of individual packages as needed, rather than entire images.

Prototype using a standard PHYTEC Carrier Board or Single Board Computers (SBCs).  If more application-specific target hardware is needed, use our Carrier Board as a reference to quick-spin your own design.

Benefit from PHYTEC’s expert technical support to assist in design-in of our SOM. Alternatively, outsource BSP adaptation and target hardware design to us.  Our extensive library of circuitries, re-useable blocks and design expertise enables PHYTEC to quick-turn hardware. Open repositories and flexible BSP architecture allow easy operating system adaptation and interaction with user code.

Get industry-best processor and interface functionality pin-out within minimal form factors on PHYTEC SOMs.

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Design .X: Iternations

Continue to use the SOM and BSP through additional design iterations to Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Compare Make-or-Buy of integrating a SOM in your application to the cost and risk of internal “chip-down” CPU circuitry development.

Augment your internal engineering resources and utilize PHYTEC support and design services for any needed operating system or hardware adaptation.

Engage with PHYTEC regarding customization – processor variants, memory densities and population options – of our standard SOMs and SBCs to best meet cost objectives and technical requirements.

PHYTEC’s in-house HMLV production capabilities provide fast turn of prototypes and First Article custom validation units in low volumes.

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Release to Manufacturing

Go To Market

SOMs represent a very attractive price-point for entry and ramp-up options for new embedded product introduction (NPI).

Make use of PHYTEC’s comprehensive product configuration capabilities at quantities as low as 100-unit Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).  This can include programming of custom software images at manufacturing and test.

Our in-house production, pooling of common components across multiple products, and buffer stocks enable quick ramp to build batches of hundreds of units to 10K+ units in continuous build cycles.

All PHYTEC SOMs undergo extensive functional and electrical test following production.  The extensive scope of test includes Boundary Scan, voltage and current measurements, and functional operation, as well as continuous in-line process control and production monitoring.  Test results are logged in an SQL database that provides for 100% traceability.

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Mass Production (MP)

PHYTEC SOMs accompany you from evaluation through prototyping, design iterations and ramp to annual quantity usage over 50K.

Rely on PHYTEC’s excellence in supply chain.  Our team has close partnerships and contract pricing with manufacturers of critical components.  PHYTEC adeptly calibrates upstream materials and production planning with supply of product to downstream customers.  We can also migrate manufacturing to high-volume partner facilities in Asia and the United StatesThese partners offer Business Continuity contingencies and Quality Assurance equivalent to our in-house standards.  Our production and field yields exceed 99.95% for SOMs in mass production.

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Design-in of a PHYTEC SOM removes associated costs and sustainability risk for the CPU circuitry and outsources these Product Lifecycle Management issues to us.

PHYTEC has a dedicated team to monitor component-level Product Change Notifications (PCNs), find second source options and ensure continued availability of pin- and function-compatible SOMs.  Avoid redesign of entire CPU circuitry to accommodate new or obsolete parts; let PHYTEC manage this at the SOM-level.  Our pro-active PLM policy has enabled deployment of the same PHYTEC SOM in designs for over 25 years.

Join the PHYTEC Alpha Program to receive early access to PHYTEC SOMs and minimize risk for nextgen product development.  Move fast, be first and beat competitors by implementing cutting-edge processors in advance of general market availability.

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