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IBA Dosimetry


Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Device

System on Module

IBA delivers precision devices for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Application

The IMRT MatriXX is a 2D dosage measuring device with 1020 ionization measuring chambers. The MatriXX is used in quality assurance and plan verification of the IMRT radiation method. It verifies the planned areas of radiation and the dosage to be applied during the IMRT treatment.

The Solution

PHYTEC was involved in the re-design of IBA Dosimetry’s previous generation processor platform and contributed in the early development phase of the IMRT MatriXX. The phyCORE-MCF5485, populated with the ColdFire MCF5485 and MQX operating system by ARC, offered an optimal platform for IBA’s stringent requirements for this nextgen device.

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Custom configuration of the phyCORE-MCF5485 System on Module.

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Custom configuration of the phyCORE-MCF5485 System on Module and porting of MQX operating system.

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