Single Board Computers

Complete production-ready industrial embedded board. Designed to meet various performance, power, and I/O requirements with high-quality and high-reliability requirements.

Industrial Solution

Robust, ruggedized, cost- and EMI-optimized industrial-grade design with comprehensive verification and test coverage.


Scale up or down for performance, RAM, flash and other features.

Product Longevity

Pro-active Product Lifecycle Management for over 15+ years of continued production.

PHYTEC’s partnership with Texas Instruments dates back to 1995 with the design of the miniMODUL-DSPC5x which was based on a TI TMS320C5x DSP chip. PHYTEC has continued to design System on Modules (SOMs) based on TI chips including DM387x, DM814x, OMAP3, OMAP4, AM57x and now the newer AM6 series of Applications Processors.

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