Single Board Computers

Complete production-ready industrial embedded board. Designed to meet various performance, power, and I/O requirements with high-quality and high-reliability requirements.

Industrial Solution

Robust, ruggedized, cost- and EMI-optimized industrial-grade design with comprehensive verification and test coverage.


Scale up or down for performance, RAM, flash and other features.

Product Longevity

Pro-active Product Lifecycle Management for over 15+ years of continued production.

PHYTEC is a proud NXP Platinum Partner with a successful history of developing embedded modules based on NXP chips (formerly Philips and Motorola/Freescale). The first phyCORE SOM was based on Motorola MPC555 processor and is still supported today. Since 1999, PHYTEC has continued to develop products supporting PowerPC, ColdFire, and the i.MX series.

  • phyBOARD®-i.MX 8M Plus

    • 160 mm x 77 mm
    • Cortex®-A53 Cortex®-M7
    • NPU Neural Processing Unit
    • 2x LVDS, MIPI DSI-2, HDMI

    Edge computing module for accelerated machine learning applications.

  • phyBOARD®-i.MX 8M Mini

    • 100 mm x 100 mm
    • Cortex®-A53 Cortex®-M4
    • Fan-less

    Versatile module for a wide range of embedded applications.

  • phyBOARD®-i.MX 6UL

    • 100 mm x 70 mm
    • Cortex-A7
    • USB 2.0​
    • Small Footprint Direct Solder SOM

    Low cost solution for general purpose embedded application.

  • phyBOARD®-i.MX 8M

    • 100 mm x 100 mm
    • Cortex®-A53 Cortex®-M4
    • Advanced Graphics 4Kp60 h.265/4 dec.
    • 2.4/5GHz WiFi Bluetooth

    Perfect balance of performance, features, and power for deployment in general purpose embedded applications.

  • phyBOARD®-i.MX 6

    • 100 mm x 70 mm
    • Cortex®-A9 Single | Dual | Quad
    • Advanced Graphics
    • PCIe 2.0

    Scalable SBC with advanced multimedia processing capabilities for deployment in a broad range of applications.

  • phyBOARD®-i.MX 7

    • 100 mm x 70 mm
    • Cortex®-A7 Cortex®-M4
    • 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet
    • mPCIe 2.0

    Industrial module for embedded applications with real-time requirements.

  • phyBOARD®-RT1170

    • 100 mm x 72 mm
    • Cortex®-M4 Cortex®-M7
    • MIPI CSI/DSI, audio
    • Dual Ethernet (RJ45)

    Real-time, secure and easy to use