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Need to return a board? Request a Return Merchandise Authorization through the PHYTEC Service Desk

Product Warranty and Return Policy

PHYTEC warrants to Buyer that PHYTEC’s Products are free from defects in design, material, and workmanship, under normal use and service. PHYTEC’s obligation under its Warranty shall be limited to either (at PHYTEC’s election) a credit to Buyer’s account for such Products or replacement or repair of Products, free of charge, for which a defect has been substantiated by PHYTEC, for a period of twelve (12) months from date Buyer receives Product shipped from PHYTEC. PHYTEC warrants no Product defect that results from improper use, negligence, modification, improper installation, improper Product testing methods, repairs made by the Buyer, or other factors outside of PHYTEC’s control. Removal of the unique serial number adhesive label on Products shall void any warranty.

PHYTEC will inspect the incoming RMA count and visual/mechanical quality of the Product. PHYTEC targets forty-five (45) business days from its receipt of the returned Product, or as soon as otherwise reasonable, to perform initial Failure Analysis (FA) test to determine if the Product passes or fails the tests. PHYTEC is not obligated to determine the root cause of the failure. If customer requests an FA Report with root cause information, diagnostics, and follow-up corrective actions, PHYTEC may assess Non-Refundable-Engineering (NRE) fees at PHYTEC’s prevailing hourly services rate of one-hundred and thirty-five USD ($135.00) per hour. PHYTEC targets delivery of FA Reports within ninety (90) days after receiving the returned unit. PHYTEC also reserves the right to assess a twenty-five USD ($25.00) restocking fee for each returned Product found to be functional.

View our Standard Terms and Conditions here.

Buyer shall promptly notify PHYTEC of any malfunction in any Products under Warranty, by requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

RMA requests must include:

  1. Product P/N
  2. Serial Number or Mac ID
  3. Failure Description / Reason for Return

RMA requests are typically processed within 5 business days. Once the RMA request has been approved, PHYTEC will provide instructions for returning the Product.

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