O TannenSOM

It’s the most wonderful time of year and the end of Q4 2023! Did that go by fast for you too? It wasn’t until our Hardware development team started playing holiday music (traditionally done the last week before the holiday) that I realized 2023 was coming to a close. What is your favorite holiday song? My personal favorite is O Christmas Tree. The German version of O Christmas Tree is of course, O Tannenbaum. Don’t you think it is only right to dub the official Christmas song of PHYTEC (headquartered in Germany if you didn’t know), O TannenSOM?

How lovely are your branches

New TREE-SPs! Q4/23 BSP releases are now available. Learn more about what’s changed in these releases in the Software Release Section of our blog:



We wish you a merry Christmas – Welcome to a new PHYTEC partner

Teamwork makes the dream work. That’s why we are beyond pleased to announce PHYTECs partnership with Cascade Technical Sales

Cascade-Tech provides their technology partners with best-in-class, results-based solution sales throughout the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Founded in 1996 with locations in Kirkland, Washington and Beaverton, Oregon, they’ve since expanded to cover all of the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

We’re excited to work in tandem with their knowledgeable team of professional, technical field sales team.

Learn more about Cascade-Tech

Sleigh’d at CharIN Testival North America 2023

PHYTEC sponsored this years CharIN Testival North America.

Hosted by Lincoln Electric in Cleveland, Ohio this year, CharIN Testival offered the EV industry the unique opportunity to test the interoperability of their equipment and uncover integration challenges, communication errors, and incompatibilities that can occur when EVs and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) interact.

As the leading international industry association advocating for EV charging interoperability, CharIN gathered over 300 participants between November 28-30, 2023. Participants included engineers and executives from 17 automakers, 18 EV charging providers, and 4 test systems. The Cleveland event was the largest CharIN Testival in North America to date. We enjoyed being a sponsor and working with our partners Texas Instruments and Pionix on EV Charging solutions this year.

Learn more about CharIN Testival

Fast track to the Nice list – PHYTEC Food Drive with Yeeti the Yeti

A Hackster.io Project

Meet Yeeti the Yeti! He’s ready to YEET hunger and we’re joining him by yeeting as many canned goods into our food drive box (powered by our phyCORE-AM64x) that weighs, tracks and encourages people to support those in need by playing a cute little Christmas tune when cans are dropped in. Oh, and in case you need a lesson in Gen Z slang – “Yeet is a slang word that functions broadly with the meaning “to throw,” but is especially used to emphasize forcefulness and a lack of concern for the thing being thrown. (You don’t yeet something if you’re worried that it might break.) Yeet is also used as an interjection, most often to express excitement or enthusiasm.” Now get to yeetin’!

Learn more about our food drive project

All I want for Christmas is DOOM

on the phyCORE-AM62x

90s video game nerds rejoice! 30 years ago on December 10th 1993 the video game Doom was released by id Software. Happy Anniversary Doom! Since then its become tradition in the engineering world to get Doom up and running on any and all possible hardware. You might remember from our last quarterly newsletter that we successfully got it running on our phyCORE-AM62x development kit. Well now we have a much more in-depth look at how we accomplished that, along with some nostalgic stories from some of our own phyNERDS’ experiences with the cult classic game. Christmas wishes do come true.

How we got Doom running on the phyCORE-AM62x

The perfect stocking stuffer – phyCORE-RT1170!

New socks, hand lotion, candy, and perhaps…a phyCORE-RT1170 SOM? Sounds like the perfect stocking if you ask us! Measuring at only 30mm x 30mm (our smallest connectorized SOM to date!) this crossover MCU was designed for consumer, industrial and automotive markets with dual-core and advanced security and is available to purchase right now! Okay, unconventional for a stocking maybe, but PERFECT for your next project.

Purchase a phyCORE-RT1170 kit
Now available: the phyCORE-RT1170 Hardare Manual

On the last day of Q4 my true love gave to me…a pinmuxing tool (yippee!)

PHYTEC released our pinmuxing tool for SOMs. This new tool makes configuring your SOM as easy as singing the 12 Days of Christmas. Give it a try!

12 GPIO, 11 LEDS blinking, 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet, 9 UART, 8-bit eMMC, 7 ADC, 6 PWM, 5 Golden SPI, 4 I2C, 3 USB, 2 CAN, and a fast speed PCIe Gen 3

Check it out

Thank you, thank you very much – for another wonderful year

Every year we try to get creative with our holiday party location. This year was probably our most unique location ever – an authentic replica of a 1950s drive-in restaurant that doubles as 1950s museum chock FULL of all the memorabilia you could ever imagine (including pristine cars that Danny Zuko himself would be envious of). Needless to say we had a blast and are ending another year with hearts full and with so much gratitude! Thank you to our customers, partners and friends. We’d have a blue Christmas without you.

Ready to get started?

Let’s go! Learn more about PHYTEC SOMs