The Wonders of “phyVALUE” – Unveiling the Power of Customer Support

At PHYTEC we’ve always prided ourselves on our excellent customer service, but every now and then someone new comes along and offers a fresh perspective. Enter Richard Kachele, our newest Technical Sales Executive. In just a few short weeks Richard has spent time with everyone on the phyTEAM and in doing so has already seen the true value of our support! Read on to see how PHYTEC Support is different.

We’ve all been there; the device isn’t connecting, the bill is too high, the search engine results are creating more questions and as a last resort we realize the inevitable, it’s time to call Customer Support. 😱💀Oy Vey! The questions start flooding in; “How long is this going to take?”, “Is it going to cost me extra?”, and maybe most importantly, “Will I actually get the right person to help me resolve the issue?”.

How did such a friendly title get such a bad reputation? Hmmm… 🤔💭

Not sure we can solve the global crisis of terrible customer support in this article, but we can for darned sure share our approach and why it is 👉 a defining moment of partnership for our clients.

1. Off-the-Shelf, but not Over-the-Counter

One of the best ways to get to know how the PHYTEC product can be integrated in an embedded device is by ordering a dev kit. That kit comes with a specified SOM and Carrier Board, cables, and documentation necessary for R&D. It is off-the-shelf ready to go! However, with over 35 years of experience in this space, we’ve learned that no matter how many resources available, there will always be a need for human interaction.

Allow us to introduce you to PHYTEC Customer Support. The PHYTEC team consists of Application Engineers who have assisted hundreds of clients through simple to complex challenges. The benefit?  With the vast amount of both experience and technical training of each team member, when you speak with Support at PHYTEC, you are always talking to the right person to find a successful solution.

2. Science of Neighborliness

My wife and I bought a home in Western WA in 2015, and it was the first time in our 12 years of living in various neighborhoods that we experienced real neighborliness. We’ve always had neighbors, but folks cared to learn the names of our children (and we theirs), neighbors helped with projects around each other’s homes (not just their own), neighborhood BBQ’s, bigger candy bars at Halloween for the neighborhood kids, etc. It impacted us so much that just a few years ago as our kids were getting bigger and a large development was going to be put in behind us, we decided to remodel instead of buy elsewhere. Why? We didn’t want to lose the special connection we had with our neighbors.

Talking to the right person doesn’t just mean they have the technical know-how, but it also means they are helpful (neighborly). For us, it’s not just about following a manual or spewing technical jargon; it’s about going the extra mile to make customers feel like they aren’t alone, and that their challenge is our challenge.  Many members of our Support team have worked in various departments of PHYTEC, and ultimately wanted to land back in customer support because they love the connection and challenges our clients bring.

3. It’s Free

Yep, our people are a huge differentiator. Some of our competition will charge for upfront 1-on-1 Customer Support. That’s a major risk! If we were in our clients’ shoes, we’d want to know what it would be like to work with the team that will become our partner. Not only that, but the last thing anyone wants when they’re working through a problem is finding someone who is just trying to make an extra buck off them. So, we make it free to help give a better picture of how we will achieve customer satisfaction.

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About The Author

Richard (center) loves to hang out and travel with his family, play disc golf, plunk at his guitar like he has for 20+ years, play Rocket League or Zelda, work on his house, go out to eat with friends and enjoys a good beer/cider/cocktail. As PHYTEC’s newest addition to the Sales Team, he is most excited about PHYTEC’s bright future. He’s a big fan of the people and culture he’s experienced at PHYTEC, and the valuable products and services we offer in an interesting and growing industry.

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