PHYTEC. Accessorized.

PHYTEC has many accessories that can be paired with our development kits. These accessories are rugged in design and can help accelerate your development process.

phyBOARD® RPi Prototyping Expansion Module
Get started with your phyBOARD®-AM335x or phyBOARD®-i.MX 6 development with the expansion board. This expansion board provides DB9 connectors for console UART (RS232), easy access to I2C, SPI, and GPIO signals as well as an EEPROM, and JTAG connector.

Utilize the RPi Prototyping expansion module to integrate existing Raspberry Pi HATs with PHYTEC hardware. PHYTEC provides a software abstraction layer in our BSPs that allow you to use existing Raspberry Pi HAT Python code and examples

Get started in no time

PHYTEC products make it easy to get your development started,
so that you can bring your product to market quickly

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