phyCORE-AM64x Software Release – (BSP-Yocto-Ampliphy-AM64x-PD23.2.1)

Software Release Name: BSP-Yocto-Ampliphy-AM64x-PD23.2.1

Release Date: March 28, 2024

Release Highlights:

  • New image targets
    • ampliphy headless image with RAUC for OTA updates
    • ampliphy headless image with LinuxRT
    • ampliphy initramfs
    • ampliphy container image with Podman included
  • New boot source available
    • Load and run U-boot via UART (X49)
  • Adds support for partup to easily flash the eMMC
  • Integrates a blinky demo for the M4F Co-processors based on TI’s MCU+ SDK
  • Supports QSPI SOM option as alternative for OSPI NOR flashes
  • Supports standard boot, offering integrated booting for various OSS and devices, including EFI boot and EFI bootmgr

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