phyCORE-AM64x Software Release – (BSP-Yocto-Ampliphy-AM64x-PD23.2.0)

Software Release Name: BSP-Yocto-Ampliphy-AM64x-PD23.2.0

Release Date: September 29, 2023

Release Highlights:


  • MACHINE= phyboard-electra-am64xx-2 for TI’s High Security-Field Securable (HS-FS) SoCs.
    • HS-FS variant phyCORE-AM64x SOMs are now the default SOM configuration shipping in Development kits.
  • UART boot source now available.
  • Inline ECC support is now available and enabled by default.
  • Virtualization support with Podman/Docker

Linux Kernel

  • TSN support for Ethernet.
  • New device tree overlay references for disabling optional population options of the SOM.
  • Watchdog support
  • GPIO FAN with pre-set thermal zone
  • ADC channels are configured correctly
  • RPMSG reserved memory regions enabled by default (previously enabled by device tree overlay)

U-Boot Bootloader

  • EEPROM Hardware introspection enabled for identifying Ethernet PHY, SPI-NOR Flash, and RTC population options
  • USB Host support

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