phyCORE-AM57x PRU-ICSS Application Guide

PHYTEC is continually growing our developer resources with new documentation. Our latest addition includes a guide on how to use the PRU-ICSS co-processor on the phyCORE-AM57x System on Module.

The TI AM57x processor at the core of the phyCORE-AM57x features two dual-core Programmable Real-time Unit and Industrial Communication Subsystem (PRU-ICSS). As a co-processor it can be used to offload various tasks. A couple examples of use cases are listed below:

  • Low latency control of general purpose IO
  • Emulation of interfaces (i.e. more UARTs than the host processor physically has available)
  • Implementing high speed and real-time communication protocols like Ethernet or EtherCAT

Ready to give it a try? Walk through PHYTECs example of a general purpose output application running on the PRU-ICSS to blink an LED in the following guide:

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