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Spring is over and the cherry blossoms are no longer sprinkled around the trees across Seattle, but that just means we’re now officially in the summer months! Long days, warmer weather, and more time outside – welcome SOMmer! Here’s a recap of what PHYTEC has accomplished in Q2.

SOMmer Harvest – phyCORE-RT1170 Is Available For Pre-Order

Our smallest connectorized SOM to date, the phyCORE-RT1170 is a crossover MCU designed for consumer, industrial and automotive markets with dual-core and advanced security. This miniature SOM combines superior computing power and multimedia with ease-of-use and real-time functionality and it’s available NOW for pre-order with hardware and documentation targeted for availability in September 2023!

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Made a Splash At Events

We packed our bags and headed to sunny California for not one, but two back-to-back events in Santa Clara.

NXP Connects – Connects is a world-class training program bringing together in-depth technical sessions, live demonstrations and networking opportunities featuring the latest ideas, trends, and product innovations of embedded technology. This year our Managing Director, Technical CEO, Supply Chain Manager and Technical Sales Manager all joined up to represent PHYTEC at NXP Connects where we showcased our latest NXP SOMs and interactive demos based on our phyCORE-i.MX 8M Plus and phyCORE-RT1170.

Sensors Converge – The largest embedded and IoT gathering in North America, Sensors Converge focuses on the development of embedded systems and the building blocks of IoT. We felt right at home exhibiting our newest SOMs and Smart EV Charging Station demo!

For the remainder of 2023 you can catch us at any of the following NXP events:

NXP Tech Days Irvine – August 29

NXP Tech Days Boston – September 19

NXP Tech Days Detroit – November 7-8

School’s Out For Summer – Student Projects at UW

At PHYTEC we love any excuse to mentor young people with an interest in engineering. This year we had the pleasure of sponsoring two groups of University of Washington engineering students for their senior capstone projects!

Washington State has set a goal to transition to zero-emission vehicles by 2035. However, current Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) charging systems suffer with vehicle compatibility and infrastructure issues. Leveraging our phyCORE-AM62x we helped the students create an open-source EVSE platform that simplifies the transition to electric vehicles by ensuring compatibility and efficiency. Congratulations to our graduates and thank you to all of our partners who helped make this project a success!

Learn more about the project

Road Trip! We Charged a Car With TI and Pionix

As evidenced above, demand for EVs is increasing rapidly. We worked with TI and Pionix on a Plug and Charge EVSE Development Platform using our phyCORE-AM62x and charged a real car! Check out the full video on TI’s website.

See our EV charger in action

Spinned Up Some Webinars

Launching new and exciting PHYTEC products inspired two informational webinars to get the buzz going! This year we are proud of the phyCORE-i.MX 93 and phyCORE-RT1170, two SOMs with very distinctive processors and capabilities. In case you missed out on the live webinars you can watch the phyCORE-RT1170 one here and the i.MX93 one here. Happy watching!

A Wave of New Software Releases

After making a shift in the way we host our documentation, we’ve released new software updates for the phyCORE-AM62x and phyCORE-AM64x along with sneak peeks at the phyCORE-AM62Ax. Be on the lookout for the phyCORE-RT1170 Hardware Manual and peripheral documentation which is targeted to be released in September.

Happy Summer from Bainbridge Island

Making room for growth in Spring has now fully bloomed into enjoyment of all that summer has to offer! Hot, sunny weather is a luxury in the Pacific Northwest so we make time to get outside and explore. (We finally got the chance to check out Frog Rock here on Bainbridge Island).

You never know when a side path might get you inspired with a new idea that could benefit from a SOM. Go out, explore your world, and let PHYTEC help you bring that idea to market!

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