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It’s full blown winter in the Pacific Northwest now, and with lots of snow and cloudy skies we’re almost certain Santa’s gonna need Rudolph to guide his sleigh…good thing he can now power all of his reindeer with shiny noses thanks to a PHYTEC SOM. Check out what we’ve been up to in Q4 that puts us on the NICE list this year for sure.

It Was Nice To See You In ’22

PHYTEC enjoyed connecting with you in real life this year. After two years of limited travel, PHYTEC exhibited at over 10 shows, taught live trainings, visited customers and partners onsite, and welcome you to our office on Bainbridge Island. In addition, we were able to travel internationally to visit PHYTEC manufacturing headquarters in Mainz, Germany in a brand new location. Want to connect with PHYTEC? We would love to hear from you.


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Hello YouTube

If you didn’t see us this year in person, don’t worry! You can catch up with us on YouTube. True Loan, Applications Engineer at PHYTEC, hosts a Software focused YouTube series for both the phyCORE-AM62x and phyCORE-AM64x. In 5 to 10 video playlists True walks through kit unboxing, the embedded systems version of hello world (LED blinking), building the BSP for the first time, and concluding with tips for customization. If you watch closely there is sometimes even a cameow.


Watch Now!

In Stock – Development Kits Available

Need hardware to follow along with the YouTube series? No problem. PHYTEC is stocked up and ready to ship hardware. Yes, you read that right. Component allocation has lightened up enough to allow PHYTEC to build up a healthy stock of development kits. The phyCORE-AM64x and phyCORE-AM62x dev kits can be ordered online or from Digikey Marketplace and shipped same day.


Purchase Dev Kit Here

Electrification Revolution

New System on Modules like the phyCORE-AM62x are a good fit for the fast paced Electric Vehicle, EVSE Charging Stations, and Grid infrastructure due to general purpose Cortex-A53 in combination with real-time Cortex-M4 core. Aggressive production goals for new products in this industry can be achieved by use of a PHYTEC SOM where 6-18 months can but cut off a development time cycle. Learn more about the phyCORE-AM62x EVSE Demo done in collaboration with Texas Instruments and Pionix here.


AM62x EVSE Demo Video

phyCORE-AM64x AWS IoT Greengrass Qualified

The phyCORE-AM64x joins the phyCORE-i.MX7 as another PHYTEC device that is AWS IoT Greengrass qualified. Leveraging AWS IoT Greengrass PHYTEC connected our Pen Plotter Demo to the Cloud. Powered by our phyCORE-AM64x the Plotter is an Industrial Ethernet demo by PHYTEC that brings together EtherCAT stacks by Kunbus, PLC programming by CODESYS, the latest AM64x/AM243x silicon from TI. AWS IoT Greengrass services enables machine-to-cloud communication for fleet management and real-time monitoring of motor temperature values. To learn how AWS products including AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT TwinMaker, and Amazon Managed Grafana were used to visualize the Pen Plotter through a Digital Twin, check out a recording of the Hello (industrial) Cloud webinar.


Hello (Industrial) Cloud

Happy Holidays From PHYTEC

From the team at PHYTEC America to you, we wish you a happy holiday season. Thanks for working with us this year and we look forward to more PHUN in 2023.

Peace out ✌ 2022 ✌

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