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Business Continuity and the Coronavirus (COVID-19): PHYTEC Remains Open for Business

March 24, 2020

Effective as of March 25, the State of Washington shall implement a “Stay At Home, Stay Healthy” order as an additional means to combat the COVID-19 virus: https://www.governor.wa.gov/sites/default/files/proclamations/20-25%20Coronovirus%20Stay%20Safe-Stay%20Healthy%20%28tmp%29%20%28002%29.pdf.

Under this order, through April 6, 2020 all non-essential businesses in Washington State shall cease operations except for performing basic minimum operations. All essential businesses may remain open and maintain operations, providing that these businesses establish and implement social distancing and sanitation measures established by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

PHYTEC is a critical supplier to many customers involved in essential business activities related to healthcare, national defense, and other applicable industries.  Accordingly, and pursuant to Essential Workforce – Information Technology and Critical Manufacturing exceptions as detailed below, a reduced staff will remain in our offices to sustain our basic supply chain operations during this period: https://coronavirus.wa.gov/whats-open-and-closed/essential-business.

Please reference our previous COVID-19 Statement of March 20 for details on measures PHYTEC is taking to ensure health and safety of our employees as well as supply chain continuity for our customers.  Kindly contact us should you require any additional information:

Best Regards,
Thomas L. Walker
Managing Director

The steadily rising number of COVID-19 cases and corresponding measures taken to limit its spread has placed a significant impact upon our daily lives, local communities, and across all industry sectors. As a global provider of embedded electronics with a production facility in Mainz, Germany, PHYTEC is no exception to this impact.

PHYTEC is taking steps to protect the health and safety of our employees. These steps include:

  • Distinct, segregated work shifts at our production facilities.
  • Quarantines of any personnel exhibiting symptoms.
  • Work-from-home policies for non-production personnel.
  • Additional paid sick leave to employees affected by the outbreak.
  • Promotion and compliance with hygiene regulations as recommended by the WHO.

In addition to the health and well-being of our workforce, PHYTEC is moving to ensure the impact within our supply chain and to our production is minimal. As a manufacturer of key components for a variety of critical devices throughout the medical and other sectors, it is extremely important PHYTEC maintains production capacity. PHYTEC continues to produce and ship product daily.

Through advanced forecasting models and planned material supply, PHYTEC continually stocks many components required for production on a rolling basis. For all other components, a degree of instability in availability has been inevitable. However, we have not yet experienced major issues with lead-time. We are diligently working to have all necessary material for your products.

Nevertheless, we are dependent upon a functioning supply chain to manufacture and deliver your products on time. For this reason, PHYTEC is recommending customers notify us of product and component requirements earlier than usual and pull-in orders as much as possible. This will enable us to initiate the resulting component procurement process with a comfortable lead-time. Doing so will significantly contribute to securing the supply chain and minimizing the effects of COVID-19.

As the situation evolves PHYTEC will continue to closely monitor the situation and take appropriate steps to safeguard our employees, customers, and local communities.

For more information, including status of open orders, please contact your local PHYTEC representative.  We encourage our customers to promptly place new orders or submit forecasts for anticipated future demand so that PHYTEC can best proactively avoid potential supply chain issues:


Best Regards,

Thomas L. Walker
Managing Director

PHYTEC acknowledges that the coronavirus is impacting global commerce and supply chains.

PHYTEC’s in-house production facility is in Mainz, Germany. While this location remains remote from the epicenter of the outbreak, PHYTEC is taking increased health and related security precautions for both production and office personnel.

PHYTEC has not had any direct impact to its staffing and resources, other than extended closure of our office in Shenzhen, China until the week of February 17. We do acknowledge potential impact on our suppliers of materials such as PCBs and electronic components. However, PHYTEC has ample in-house buffer stock of such components, as well as demand-pull arrangements with suppliers and distributors in Europe and other locations.

Ensuring supply chain continuity and the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, customers and logistics partners remain our foremost priority. As of February 14, 2020, PHYTEC has not recorded any instances of disruption to our upstream supply chain. Our downstream shipments to customers have likewise not been impacted and are still flowing.

As the situation is still evolving, PHYTEC shall continue to closely monitor the situation, take appropriate steps to safeguard our employees, and engage with our supply chain.

For more information, including status of open orders, please contact your local PHYTEC representative. We also encourage our customers to promptly place new orders for anticipated future demand so that PHYTEC can best proactively avoid potential supply chain issues:


PHYTEC will provide regular and applicable updates regarding this fluid situation as new information arises. PHYTEC maintains its plans to exhibit at Embedded World 2020: https://www.phytec.eu/events/#trade-shows

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