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PHYTEC Development Kits allow you to begin integrating our hardware and software with your new or existing application designs. Our expansive development guides and top-tier customer support help you get started quickly.

PHYTEC has been a partner with STMicroelectronics dating back to 16-bit ST10F16x controllers that integrated on-chip Flash memory on C166 family 16-bit microcontrollers from Siemens (Infineon). In 2010 ST and PHYTEC partnered to deliver a System on Module for deployment in the first rackmount server blade based on a low-power ARM processor: the ST SPEAR 1310 with dual ARM Cortex-A9 processor cores with DRAM ECC memory detection. With Microprocessor offerings such as the STM32MP15x, PHYTEC now offers ST based phyCORE SOMs running Linux.

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