System On Modules

Embedded hardware and software CPU solutions enable product engineers to quickly bring new applications to market. Reduce time-to-market, development cost and design risk with PHYTEC SOMs.

Easy to use

Insert-ready solution with the design resources you need for your embedded application.

High Quality

Leverage know-how from decades of electronic design and manufacturing and reduce design risk with a validated solution.

Product Longevity

Pro-active Product Lifecycle Management for over 15+ years of continued production.

  • phyCORE®-AM65x

    • 65 mm x 55 mm
    • Cortex®-A53, Cortex®-R5F
    • 6x PRU-ICSSG
    • PowerVR SGX544

    Industrial communication module for nextgen Industry 4.0 applications.

  • phyFLEX®-i.MX 6

    • 70 mm x 60 mm
    • Cortex®-A9 Single | Dual | Quad
    • USB 2.0​
    • LVDS

    Scalable module ideal for high performance multimedia applications.

  • phyCORE®-AM62x-DSC

    • 40 mm x 40 mm
    • Cortex®-A53, Cortex®-M4F
    • Rich Multimedia
    • Secure Boot

    Low power, high performance for multimedia applications

  • phyCORE®-AM68A

    • 57 mm x 54 mm
    • Cortex®-A72, Cortex®-R5F
    • Rich Multimedia
    • Secure Boot

    System integration, scalability and cost savings

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    PHYTEC System on Modules are designed to sustain 15+ year life cycles. Browse PHYTEC’s full portfolio of SOMs dating back to 1995.

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