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SSB Wind

SSB BladeVision System

A high-precision embedded imaging solution for a wind turbine.
SSB Wind Blade Vision System

SSB Wind

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Founded in 1970, SSB Wind Systems offers Pitch systems, switch and control cabinets as well as blade vision products.
“Wind is complex. It doesn’t just blow from the front or the side. To describe the wind driving a wind turbine, at least seven quantities are needed: speed, direction, vertical shear, horizontal shear, veer, vertical velocity, and turbulence level. Knowledge of these quantities helps maximize turbine performance, and life. It also helps explain why some neighboring turbines perform differently. Modern sensor systems are rarely capable of meeting this challenge.” However, SBSB Wind’s advanced sensor has been designed to do exactly that: BladeVision doesn’t just measure wind speed and direction. It provides a complete wind-field description over the swept area of the blades. This completeness provides operators with important data about wind factors affecting the performance of different types of WTGs in their wind park.
What PHYTEC did to help SSB Wind launch this product

PHYTEC developed a high precision measuring device for the SSB Blade Vision System wind turbine in close cooperation with SSB Wind. The phyCORE-i.MX 6 System on Module is at the heart of the machine.

PHYTEC phyCAM Nunki with camera
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