Virtual Event – NXP Connects 2021

We’re back with another virtual event! Join us for NXP Connects November 10-11 as we once again sponsor and exhibit a virtual booth.

November 10-11, 2021

What you’ll find at our booth:

NXP Connects is a front row seat to a global team of experts taking to the virtual stage to share their knowledge and unveil technology that anticipates and automates within our connected future. From automotive, machine learning, smart cities, industrial, and more, engineers are invited to learn, be inspired, design, and develop, and together accelerate breakthroughs toward advancing the world.

As a global company with headquarters in Germany, and offices in France, China, India and the United States we’re particularly excited to be sponsors for each Connects event! In Europe? You can attend the EMEA event on November 9th and 10th, and if you’re in Asia you can attend the event November 16th and 17th.  While the booths might differ by region, one thing will remain the star of the show: our core product, the System on Module! PHYTEC SOMs have been deployed in a wide range of applications. From electric vehicle chargers, eBikes, and transportation ticketing systems to handheld diagnostic equipment, industrial robots, and cargo fleet management – we truly have a SOM for every project. What’s more, with offices around the world, reliable technical support and in-house production, PHYTEC is also there for you no matter where you’re located. 

At our booth you’ll find our NXP-based product line, information on who we are and what we specialize in, downloadable resources, and access to a live PHYTEC employee who can chat with you about any and all questions you might have! We’ll also be hosting two roundtable coffee chats with technical and supply-chain related topics you won’t want to miss, executed live by a PHYTEC Engineer. Stop by, scan your badge and take advantage of the opportunity to talk to us in real-time!

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Event Recap

This was PHYTEC’s final event with NXP, wrapping up the year 2021! If you were able to join, we thank you for your support in visiting our booth at NXP Connects, scanning your badge, connecting with us and joining our Roundtable coffee chats. As an NXP partner it is always a pleasure to sponsor these events and contribute to the knowledge sharing that inspires and accelerates breakthroughs toward advancing our world. If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed!

With every NXP virtual event there’s the option for sponsors to host what are called Roundtables. These Roundtables are opportunities for sponsors to interact with attendees and NXP contacts from around the country. We chose to host low-key discussions that provided some value to our attendees other than a company overview presentation or a sales pitch.

Cafe Yocto

Our first Roundtable topic Cafe Yocto: Tour of Embedded Linux i.MX Applications Processors introduced our very own Apps Engineer, True Loan, who shared his screen, spoke candidly about Yocto, why we use it, how to overcome roadblocks, and answered attendee’s questions live. It was a truly engaging presentation and we were so excited that people came loaded with questions and anecdotes about their experiences with Yocto. Have your own questions and weren’t able to attend? Feel free to drop us a line or learn more about PHYTEC support services here.

Supply Chain Support Group

Another Roundtable topic we hosted is one that affects all of us right now, the current supply chain crisis and chip shortage! Supply Chain Support Group: Getting Through the Chip Shortage Together was presented by our Global Supply Chain Manager, Aljosha Simon, and we discussed what is happening that effects current global supply chains and how to mitigate risk in these challenging times. You can see more on this in the video linked below.

If you missed our Roundtable check out our Supply Chain webinar

NXP-Based SOMs on Display

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