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Apollo Video


An on-board and in-vehicle digital video monitoring system for school and public transit, law enforcement and military.
Apollo Video Niiu

Apollo Video

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Apollo Video Technology is a leading manufacturer of on-board and in-vehicle digital video monitoring systems for pupil and public transit, law enforcement, military, freight transport, fire and EMS applications.
The niiu – a “network intelligent interface unit” – is based on the phyCORE-LPC3250 SOM, a custom Carrier Board designed by PHYTEC and a Linux operating system. It extends the functionality of Apollo’s RoadRunner Digital Video Recorder base system by offering a 4-port Ethernet expansion bridge as well as CAN and serial connectivity.
What PHYTEC did to help Apollo Video launch this product

PHYTEC designed a customized carrier board for Apollo Video Technology in support of the phyCORE-LPC3250 SOM. The carrier board added a CAN controller and physical I/O for ethernet and serial connectivity. PHYTEC also customized the phyCORE-LPC3250 CAN driver and Linux BSP.

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