Training – Cafe Yocto phyCORE-AM62x Video Series

Ready to get started with the phyCORE-AM62x? Check out the PHYTEC YouTube Series to expedite your bring up. This 10 video playlist covers dev kit unboxing, the embedded systems version of hello world (LED blinking), building the BSP for the first time, and concluding with tips for customization.

Cafe Yocto featuring the phyCORE-AM62x is now on YouTube

As promised in our last blog post, we’re continuing our Cafe Yocto series with another in-depth look at our other newest product, the phyCORE-AM62x! Ease of use for our customers is always top of mind for us, so we took this second series even further with not 5, but 10 new videos! They’ll be embedded below, but don’t forget to subscribe to our channel where there’s plenty more video content to come.

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Episode 1 – Meet the phyCORE-AM62x

Episode 2 – Boot Process Tour

Episode 3 – Exercising the phyCORE-AM62x

Episode 4 – Blink With the phyCORE-AM62x

Episode 5 – Building the phyCORE-AM62x Linux BSP

Episode 6 – Update the phyCORE-AM62x Software

Episode 7 – Cross Compile With the phyCORE-AM62x

Episode 8 – Modifying the phyCORE-AM62x Linux Kernel

Episode 9 – Custom Meta Layers With the phyCORE-AM62x

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