Trade Show – Open EV Charging Summit

Catch us May 15-16th at Open EV Charging Summit presented by Texas Instruments and LF Energy!

May 15-16, 2024

What to expect:

The Open EV Charging Summit is a two-day event hosted May 15-16 at the Texas Instruments campus in Dallas which will explore open source technology as a solution for EV charging reliability, efficiency, and interoperability. One day will be dedicated to educational sessions with experts from the EV charging industry, while the second day will offer the opportunity to participate in testing and demonstrations of different EV charging equipment that utilize open source solutions. The event will gather experts from the energy, automotive and charging industries, along with researchers, regulators, and policymakers, to discuss how to speed deployment of reliable charging infrastructure nationally and internationally. Our own Zach Hudson, Hardware Engineering Lead, will be presenting design considerations for EV charging, don’t miss it!

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Open EV Charging Summit was a blast and we there were many great conversations had! Our Hardware Engineering Lead did an excellent job presenting and we’re very grateful for our partners at Texas Instruments for their generosity in hosting. LF Energy recapped the show in their own blog post which we encourage you to read. They even have recordings from the summit on their YouTube channel!

Read LF Energy Open EV Charging Summit Recap

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