Security for embedded hardware and software. Built right in.

PHYTEC begins each project with security as a key priority.
Work with us throughout your development cycle and our engineers will help you and your customers find peace of mind. Here are a few considerations we recommend, and why PHYTEC is known throughout the industry as a trusted provider of secure embedded solutions.

Protection of your application starts at the core.

Trusted Chip Partners

PHYTEC develops embedded systems in cooperation with industry leading chip partners such as NXP and Texas Instruments. Our trusted partners are world leaders in secure connectivity solutions and look back on more than 50 years of security expertise while supporting their customers and providing quality solutions. 

We design System on Modules to maximize the security features of our chip partners. So you can be confident knowing that security has been designed right into the architecture of your PHYTEC embedded solution, from the ground up.

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PHYTEC phyCORE-AM65x System on Module top view

Secure software that builds on secure hardware.

Secure Boot. Load trusted systems at startup

Secure boot is used to ensure that only trustworthy, signed software can be launched on your device. We implement a unique, trusted key at the lowest level into the hardware so that only your approved and certified application can run. The use of your digital signature to match with that key prevents malware from taking control of the boot sequence and risking sensitive data and services.

PHYTEC helps keep your application secure with software updates

The best way to keep your application secure is to run the latest software. Our goal is to provide our customers with feature-rich board support packages as early as possible: stable code, fast bug/security fixes and consistent further development. Most of our BSPs are vendor based and are updated semi-annually. This way, you can be sure that you software always includes the latest features.

Secure in-house manufacturing

PHYTEC has a distinct advantage over most companies in the industry in that we have our own, in-house manufacturing facility located in Germany. We aren’t forced to partner with third party contract manufacturers to build your parts. From your idea, to our design and manufacturing, all the way to your warehouse, you can rest assured access to your device is secure throughout the entire supply chain.

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