phyCORE-i.MX 8 Development Kit

Featuring the phyCORE-i.MX 8 System on Module

phyCORE-i.MX 8 Development Kit


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The kit is based on the phyCORE-i.MX 8QuadMax. With up to eight processor cores the flagship of the i.MX 8 family is designed to meet highest computing performance requirements for graphics, imaging and security. The i.MX 8 full-chip hardware-based virtualization, resource partitioning and split GPU and display architecture enable safe and isolated execution of multiple systems on one processor.

Carrier Board Features

Alpha Kit Features

  • 2x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s RJ-45
  • 2x USB3.0, 1x USB-C with PD 2.0, 1x USB OTG
  • 2x CAN; 1x FlexCAN
  • 1x miniPCIe Slot
  • 1x PCIe Slot
  • microSD Card
  • 2x PDI (LVDS)
  • 1x HDMI-OUT
  • 1x HDMI-IN
  • Line-Out L/R, Line-In L/R, HP L/R, MIC, SPDIF-TX
  • 2x MIPI-CSI or 1x MIPI CSI and 1x parallel Camera

SOM Features

  • NXP i.MX 8QuadMax Processor
  • 2x 1.6 GHz (A72) 4x 1.26 GHz (A53) 2x 266 MHz (M4F)
  • Tensilica HiFi 4  666 MHz
  • 8 GB eMMC 5.1
  • 2 GB LPDDR4
  • 2x 4 kB
  • 1x 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet PHY
  • RTC
PHYTEC phyCORE-iMX8 Quad Max development kit

What's in the box?

phyCORE®-i.MX8 System on Module
phyCORE-i.MX 8 Carrier Board

The phyCORE SOM is designed to plug into a PHYTEC Carrier Board that provides the I/O connectors as well as any other interface circuitry not provided on the phyCORE module itself.

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