phyCORE-AM65x Development Kit

Featuring the phyCORE-AM65x System on Module

phyCORE-AM65x Development Kit


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The kit is based on the phyCORE-AM65x which offers secure boot, multiprotocol gigabit industrial communication, graphics, functional safety features and time-sensitive-networking (TSN). It is ideal for industrial communication systems, factory automation, edge computing, grid infrastructure and applications where high reliability is needed.

Carrier Board Features

  • 2×5 CAN Header
  • 1x USB Micro AB Connector for Serial Debug Console
  • 1x USB 3.1 Standard-A Host Connector
  • 1x USB 2.0 Micro AB DRD Connector
  • 1x MIPI CSI-2 Camera Connector with support for PHYTEC phyCAM-M Module
  • 1x LVDS + Touch Display Connector
  • 2x JTAG Connectors
  • 1x Expansion Connector Interface for I2C, SPI, GPIO, and other(s)
  • 1x 2×5 General Purpose UART Header
  • 1x Fan Connector
  • 1x MikroBus Header
  • 1x Gb Ethernet RJ-45 Connector
  • 2x Gb PRU-ICSS RJ-45 Connector
  • 1x Single Lane PCIe
  • 1x NXP A71CH Security module
  • 1x OSPI NOR Interface
  • 1x Full-Size SD/SDIO/MMC Card Slot

SOM Features

  • TI Sitara AM6548 Processor
  • 2GB DDR4
  • 1GB ECC DDR4
  • 4GB eMMC
  • 2.4GHz WiFi + BT
  • 1x 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet PHY
  • RTC
PHYTEC phyCORE-AM65x Rapid Development Kit

What's in the box?

phyCORE®-AM65x System on Module
with 2.4GHz WiFi Option
phyCORE-AM65x Carrier Board

The phyCORE SOM is designed to plug into a PHYTEC Carrier Board that provides the I/O connectors as well as any other interface circuitry not provided on the phyCORE module itself.

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