PHYTEC Announces a New AM335x-based Single Board Computer

Seattle, WA – June 25, 2014

PHYTEC introduces a new family of ARM-based Single Board Computers, the phyBOARD. In Pico-ITX form factor, the phyBOARD is ideally suited for deployment into a wide range of robust industrial applications.

The phyBOARD is a small form-factor, cost-optimized, and customizable family of Single Board Computers (SBCs). At the heart of the phyBOARD is a System on Module (SOM), which leverages over 25 years of PHYTEC SOM design expertise. Applicable SOMs can directly soldered onto the carrier board PCB. The “Direct Solder Connect” of the SOM to carrier board eliminates costly PCB to PCB connectors. The phyBOARD is a unique offering with the advantages of time-to-market and reduced NRE that a SOM brings, while providing the flexibility of customizable design of Carrier Board circuitry as well as use of I/O expansion modules.

The initial SOM supported in the phyBOARD SBC family is the phyCORE-AM335x, which is based on the Texas Instruments Sitara™ AM335x processors. This phyBOARD option is named Wega.

Key features of the phyBOARD-AM33x (Wega):

  • phyCORE-AM335x System on Module
  • (2) 10/100 RMII Ethernet
  • (1) CAN
  • (1) RS-232
  • (1) USB Host Standard-A
  • (1) USB OTG Micro-AB
  • (1) Micro SD
  • Audio
  • Power: USB, 5V, 12V, or 24V
  • Expansion interface
  • Linux and Windows Embedded Compact , Android (Coming soon)


Founded in 1986, PHYTEC is a full solution provider in microprocessor-based solutions for the embedded market. Headquartered in Mainz, Germany, PHYTEC remains a majority family-owned enterprise and operates worldwide with 6 offices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. PHYTEC products have been deployed in thousands of systems across a wide range of industries and applications; such as control and automation, medical, test and measurement, automotive, energy, transportation, and more. PHYTEC provides a complete set of turn-key solutions from systems integration, off-the-shelf hardware, design services, and manufacturing.

PHYTEC SOMs are designed to accelerate product development cycles, while providing cutting edge technologies and product life cycle management solutions to successfully address the ever-evolving challenges in the market. PHYTEC has strategic commitment and decades of experience providing high-quality, high-reliability solutions to OEM’s ranging across all vertical markets.

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