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phyCORE-i.MX6 Software Release (BSP-Yocto-i.MX6-PD20.1.0)

Software Release Name: BSP-Yocto-i.MX6-PD20.1.0

Release Date: August 6, 2020

Release Highlights:

  • Software update mechanism for eMMC with RAUC (Robust Auto-Update Controller)
  • Upgrade to mainline Linux kernel v4.19.100 LTS
  • X11 and Wayland support
  • Support for new Embedded Imaging cameras: phyCAM VM-016 (phyCAM-P / phyCAM-S+ / phyCAM-M)

View Full Release Notes Here: ftp://ftp.phytec.de/pub/Software/Linux/BSP-Yocto-i.MX6/BSP-Yocto-i.MX6-PD20.1.0/ReleaseNotes

Repo Links

Barebox: https://git.phytec.de/barebox/log/?h=v2019.11.0-phy (tag: v2019.11.0-phy2)

Linux: https://git.phytec.de/linux-mainline/log/?h=v4.19.100-phy (tag: v4.19.100-phy3)


To evaluate the phyCORE-i.MX6 purchase a development kit or get in touch with the PHYTEC Sales Team today!

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