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REFUsol 008-024K

A low weight and volume inverter that enables easy handling, optimized space utilization and is suitable for interior and exterior installations.
Refusol Stringinverter


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As a specialist in power electronics, REFUsol GmbH has produced high quality converters in Germany for more than 46 years. Its innovative product range comprises of string and central inverters with a power output ranging from 4 kW to 1.3 MW. These systems are deployed worldwide. Transformer-less, three-phase REFUsol 012K – 024K-UL string inverters are available to meet the requirements of the North American market.
These inverters are characterized by low weight and volume, enabling easy handling and optimized space utilization, and are suitable for interior and exterior installations. Usage ranges from rooftop systems to solar parking shade structures to powerful strings in megawatt solar parks. A graphics display, Ethernet connection and RS-485 interface simplify installation, maintenance and system monitoring.
What PHYTEC did to help REFUsol launch this product

The phyCORE-MPC5200B is used in REFUsol string inverters in the 008-024K power classes. PHYTEC provided extensive SOM integration support including schematic reviews and system design consulting. PHYTEC also provided a complete customized embedded linux board support package.

RefuSol red string inverter
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