Welcome Spooky SeaSOM!

And just like that, the leaves are starting to change, the sun is setting a little earlier and that crisp bite of the fall air has us reaching for a jacket in the mornings. Welcome Spooky SeaSOM!

New SOM Available

phyCORE-RT1170 – Our smallest connectorized SOM to date, the phyCORE-RT1170 is a crossover MCU designed for consumer, industrial and automotive markets with dual-core and advanced security. This miniature SOM combines superior computing power and multimedia with ease-of-use and real-time functionality. Features are not compromised as the 30 x 30 mm module includes an interconnect of 200 pins including MIPI CSI/DSI, Audio, CAN, Dual Ethernet and more!

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The Final Trade Show – Hannover Messe USA

After a whirlwind of trade shows throughout spring and summer we had a brief moment of respite before our final event of the season at Hannover Messe USA in Chicago. It was our first time attending this larger than life event and we had a blast.

Hannover Messe USA is the the largest gathering of industrial manufacturers in the Western Hemisphere and is only held every two years. It’s a comprehensive automation-focused event where you can access the latest solutions for improving the speed and efficiency of your manufacturing processes and unlock the potential of digital transformation.

NXP Tech Days 2022 – That’s a Wrap!

After two years of remote events we were happy to connect with you at NXP Tech Days events in Minneapolis, Irvine, Silicon Valley and Boston.

It was fun to bring our Celebrity Match Game to a live event to see what celebrity our phyCORE-i.MX 8M Plus image and machine learning based demo thinks is your doppelgänger. In addition, we enjoyed working with you at our Hands-on-Workshop at the two day NXP Tech Days Silicon Valley training with our software partner, Embedded Access. The workshop covered multi-core principals, including M7-M4 core communications and a discussion on Linux – MQX environments for i.MX processors. Our new phyCORE-RT1170 SOM was the hardware star of the show and attendees got to be the first ever to work with it live!

A Visit From the CEO

PHYTEC is a global company, but our roots are in Mainz, Germany. Every summer pre-pandemic our CEO Michael Mitezki would visit us here in Seattle, but that took a backseat for a few years due to COVID and travel restrictions. We finally got some normalcy back this year and a nice, long visit from our esteemed German guest! It was a great opportunity to reconnect, show what we’ve been doing here in the US, introduce our CEO to our newest employees, and last but definitely not least, socialize and have some fun!

New Documentation Framework

We design and manufacture high quality System on Modules, but without well maintained, detailed and easy to follow documentation (and don’t forget a dedicated support team) what good would our modules be to our customers? That’s why we’re completely revamping the way we we publish our documentation and will be moving everything to Github using the Read the Docs framework. Read the Docs is an open source project that improves the quantity and quality of documentation by reducing barriers, making it easier for us to customize and and implement changes to our documentation, making working with our products easier for you. We hope you enjoy the benefits of this change as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!

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Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered a development kit of one of our newest products, the phyCORE-AM62x and phyCORE-AM64x. They are now shipping. Haven’t gotten your order in yet? Place yours below!

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