Lifecycle Management best practices

How can PHYTEC help customers

Our goal is to ensure long-term availability of our products. We know that our products are used in customer applications with expected production lifetimes that can exceed 10 years. Therefore, we provide our customers with pro-active Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

We manage all aspects efficiently and effectively. PHYTEC is using a sophisticated Product Change Notification (PCNs) process, in order to notify our customers of component changes. This reduces risk for your supply chain and keeps you in production longer.

We keep you in production

Benefits of a strong Product Lifecycle Management include:

  • We proactively monitor changes to components in PHYTEC products.
  • We order new parts and update the Bill of Materials (BOM) to prevent or mitigate potential production delays.
  • We offer customers a last-time-buy on components that are going end-of-life (EOL). These componts can be reserved for future builds so our customers aren’t impacted by the change.
  • In case no more components are available, we work with our customers to find suitable replacements, make board modifications, provide validation units and inform customers of the changes.

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