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Etrel charging station

An interactive charging station for electric vehicles.
Etrel sell station


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Founded in 2007 in Slovenia, Etrel is laying grounds for e-mobility. Etrel charging stations are designed to work with two priorities in mind: ensuring the best user experience and reducing the system cost for the operator. Therefore, all charging stations can adjust their charging power based on other chargers at the same location. Location owners do not need to perform costly upgrades of their grid connection to be able to serve a large number of electric vehicles. By using Etrel’s own algorithms, charging power can be split intelligently among all connected users based on their vehicles, priorities, and required amounts of energy.
What PHYTEC did to help Etrel launch this product

PHYTEC’s SOM phyCORE-AM335x coordinates almost all of the periphery units in the Etrel charging station. In addition to running its main application, the SOM interacts with the end user through LCD touch screen and synchronizes Etrel charging stations with Etrel developed software – Etrel OCEAN – in cloud.

Etrel sell station
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