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Black&White4 compact

An innovative, fully automatic coffee machine for commercial use.
Thermoplan coffee machine on wood slab


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Thermoplan is one of the leading companies worldwide that produces premium fully automatic coffee machines for professional use. The Black&White4 compact is a fully automatic coffee machine on a small footprint.
What PHYTEC did to help Thermoplan launch this product

PHYTEC developed a custom PCB for the control unit, the Linux Board Support Package and additional software modifications for the Black&White4 compact in close cooperation with Thermoplan. The phyCORE-i.MX 6 System on Module is at the heart of the machine.

Thermoplan coffee machine in wood slab
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“PHYTEC handled all developments that we partnered on very professionally. The team is flexible, fast and definitively a phenomenal partner for us. When working with a development partner, we find it important that the developers get along well. Working with PHYTEC has been a positive experience all around.“
– Rolf Hochstrasser
Project Manager Innovation, Thermoplan

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