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ZT Systems

R1801e Server

First ARM® Powered Server to Market
ZT Systems r1801e at top angle

ZT Systems

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Founded in 1994, ZT Systems partners with companies to collaboratively design hyperscale compute and storage solutions based on unique value criteria.
The R1801e 1U Server is powered by up to 16 ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor cores. Fully populated with eight server modules, eight SSDs, dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet swtiches and IPMI server management, this server has a system maximum power draw of less than 80 Watts. Designed primarily as a software and build development system, this groundbreaking, scalable solution highlights the tremendous potential power savings achievable with an ARM-powered® server.
What PHYTEC did to help ZT Systems launch this product

PHYTEC designed the server module based on the ST Microelectronics SPEAR 1810 dual core Cortex-A9 microprocessor.

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