PCAN Explorer 5

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PCAN-Explorer 5 - Comprehensive CAN Monitor for Windows®

PCAN-Explorer 5 is an universal tool for monitoring data traffic on a CAN network. For easy and clear allocation of the individual messages, these can be identified as so-called symbols. The integrated VBScript support allows the creation of macros to automate complex tasks. The integrated data logger means that the data traffic of a bus can be recorded, analyzed, and stored. PCAN-Explorer is designed as automation server and can therefore be remote controlled through scripts. The PCAN-Explorer runs under Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP (32/64Bit) and supports all PC-CAN interfaces made by PEAK.  

 What's Included?

  • PCAN-Explorer installation CD with PCAN-Explorer Line Writer Add-in
  • Single user license
  • PCAN-Symbol Editor for Windows®
  • Documentation in HTML help format

 Optionally Available


  • All files and elements can be saved in projects and administered using the project browser 
  • New start page allows fast access to the most recently opened projects or files 
  • Simultaneous connections with multiple networks/CAN interfaces of the same hardware type 
  • Connection window with an overview of all connections, complete with status, error counters, bus load, etc. 
  • All parameters of all elements in the user interface can be examined using a Property Window and edited if necessary 
  • Multiple flexible filters can be configured and, for example, assigned to the send/receive window or the various different tracers 
  • Tabs to switch between the different windows 
  • Flexible arrangement of the user interface using the dockable windows 
  • User-defined column display and arrangement in send/receive window 
  • Display of received messages showing the ID, length, data bytes, number of messages received and receiving interval
  • Simultaneous hexadecimal and symbolic representation of the details 
  • Display of remote frames, status reports of the CAN controller and, as option, CAN-bus error frames also 
  • Logging of time-outs 
  • Sending of messages at fixed intervals of time, manually or as reply to remote frames 
  • Messages can be created as send lists, stored and loaded as desired, in order to e. g. emulate CAN nodes 
  • Periodical sending with up to 1 ms precision 
  • In the Item Browser CAN networks, symbols, macros etc. are represented clearly and in a structured manner 
  • Easy creation of symbol files and macros using the integrated text editor with syntax highlighting 
  • User-friendly real-time monitoring of several signals via the watch window 
  • Extensive improvements to user prompting and user interface 
  • Add-in support to upgrade functionality
  • Simple integration of external tools

PCAN-Explorer Data Logger

  • Integrated into the configurable PCAN-Explorer
  • Operation of multiple tracers at the same time  
  • Variable buffer size  
  • Optional linear buffer or circular buffer 
  • Representation of the logged messages with time stamp, type, ID, length and data bytes 
  • Logging of errors that have occurred is possible  
  • Flexible storage possibility for the logged data in CSV or text format for easy import into Excel or similar Filtering of the messages for logging through symbol definitions 
  • Subsequent examination of the logged data in the buffer via different symbol files

PCAN-Symbol Editor

  • Symbolic representation of CAN messages through the assigning of alphanumeric names 
  • The graphic representation of symbols and the automatic error detection allow easy creation of symbol files
  • Bit-exact division of the data into variables for assigning name, data type, list of values, scaling, Offset etc.
  • Supports data processing in accordance with IEEE 754 as well as in the Intel and Motorola format
  • The Item Navigator and the search function allow targeted access to all elements of the symbol files
  • Importing of CANdb files into the symbol data format and vice versa (requires the PCAN-Explorer CANdb Add-in)

VB Script Language

  • Function upgrade of the PCAN-Explorer
  • Creation of macros in VBScript with the integrated text editor
  • Access with macros and scripts to almost all program elements via the PCAN-Explorer object model
  • Ideal for creating test tools to implement or develop CAN systems
  • Examples: sending of e-mails when a temperature is exceeded, starting of a test tool when a particular message is received, opening of an Excel sheet when an event occurs and saving of data in the individual cells
  • Assignment of function keys with individual send messages or macros
  • VBS scripts run in the background even without the PCAN-Explorer interface

System Requirements

  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista, XP (32/64Bit)
  • at least 512 MB RAM from 1 GHz CPU