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PHYTEC extends our product development services to you. Utilize our deep understanding of design for manufacturing to help you deliver your end solution.

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PHYTEC specializes in cost-effective ISO9001-qualified embedded hardware development solutions for customers requiring high-reliability coupled with aggressive timelines. We have strong expertise in 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessor design and routing constraints with high speed buses and complex network interfaces. 

With an experienced staff of PCB engineers and designers and more than 10,000 PCB assembly designs in over 30 years of operations, we are fully equipped to meet your requirements.

We have the expertise to work as an extension of your team

Microprocessor Architecture

Arm® Cortex®, Arm9™, Arm11™
Intel XScale, X86
NXP ColdFire®

NXP Logo colored
Texas Instruments Logo
Rockchip logo

Circuitries and Interfaces

8- and 16-bit microcontrollers (Infineon/Siemens, NXP/Philips)
DSPs, FPGAs, PLDs, glue logic, security chipsets, RTCs, Power Management
Memory and Storage: SSD, SATA, Nor-Flash, Nand-Flash, SPI-Flash, SDRAM, DDR4, SD/SDIO/MMC
Multimedia: Audio, Video, Camera
Connectivity: USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, WiFi, PCle, SATA
Serial: UART, SPI, I2C GPIO, A/D, D/A, and analog
Sensors and Actuators: Time of Flight (ToF)

Schematic Capture:

Low EMI design
Advanced power management
Junction temperature sensing and thermal management

PCB Layout

Mixed speed and signal technology
High-speed digital and analog design
Low EMI/RFI design
μBGA, fine pitch, PoP (package-on-package), microvias PCB technology including passive components as small as 0201 form factor packaging
Power rail separation, Power over Hours (PoH) analysis
High-density, multi-layer (12+), small form factor PCB
Signal integrity analysis
Advanced simulation, 3D modeling and pre-compliance testing

Design for Manufacturability (DfM)

Design for high volume
Low cost design
Production test: electrical, functional, boundary scan
Bed of nails design

PCBA Form Factor Options

System on Modules / Computer on Modules (SOMs / COMs) CPU subassemblies with Direct Solder Connect (DSC) or board-to-board connections (Samtec, Molex) to target hardware
Carrier Boards for break-out of I/O from SOMs
Single Board Computers: either as a SOM/Carrier Board combination or as a flat design on a single PCB

Advanced Rework Capabilities

ERSA HR550 Rework Station
High-performance hybrid heating element and high-precision vacuum pipette allows rework of BGA and other advanced SMT package devices
Enables fast and easy modification of hardware for Product Change Notice (PCN), configuration customization, or other validation purposes


Mentor Graphics DxDesigner and Expedition PCB
Altium Protel
Over 20,000 part CAD library
Re-usable schematic blocks, including lay-out stack-ups, to accelerate hardware design


"PHYTEC handled all developments that we partnered on very professionally. The team is flexible, fast and definitively a phenomenal partner for us. When working with a development partner, we find it important that the developers get along well. Working with PHYTEC has been a positive experience all around.“
Thermoplan coffee machine on wood slab
- Rolf Hochstrasser
Project Manager Innovation

myStromer AG

"When using the Board Support Package for the System on Module that we used, I was impressed how up to date the Linux Mainline Kernel was. Whenever I had technical questions, I received a quick and competent answer from the support team. PHYTEC's documentation was also very extensive.“
Man riding Stromer ebike ST5
- Tristan Ramseyer
Firmware Engineer

Our internal quality control program includes all material, labor and production inputs.

Our qualifications and standards include:

Conflict Materials
IPC-600A-F class 2, 3 PCBs
IPC-610A-D class 2 assembly
J-STD-004 no-clean
CE conformance
VDA, KTA1401
MTBF analysis
Pro-active Product Lifecycle Maintenance

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